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Zorb Strike

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Bull dog

The “Bull dogs” start at one end of the pitch (home). The aim of the game is to run from one end of the field of play to the other without being knocked by the bulldogs. When a player is knocked over they become a bulldog themselves. The winner is the last player on the pitch untouched!!!

Last Man Standing

There are no teams, every man/woman for themselves, just simply make a circle in the middle of the pitch and on the ref’s whistle all players will head for each other, If your knocked over and your zorb touches the ground you are finished and need to sit down for the remainder of that game. The winner is the last person standing!

Relay Roll-over

Playing in a team of two you have to do 3 forward rolls then run to your team mate, bash their ball then they need to do 3 backward rolls and run back to the start line.

An amazing amount of dizzy fun!!


Each team must select a “VIP” and then the aim of the game is to knock down the opposite teams “VIP” before your “VIP” is knocked down.

All other players may remain in play even if they are knocked to the ground.

Zorb Strike

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